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About Heltar. and Team Backgound

Turning Chats into Connections

Mission Statement

Our Mission

At Heltar, we are redefining automation in the digital age. With a commitment to serve SMEs and reach the grassroots, our vision is to level the playing field, making them competitive with large enterprises. By revolutionizing the CRM space with our seamless WhatsApp integrated experience, we unlock next-generation connectivity and automation for everyone. 

With an unwavering primary focus on customer experience and relationship management, we are not just changing how businesses communicate; we're enhancing the essence of every conversation.

Team Photoshoot

Meet the Team

At the heart of our endeavors lies a group of dedicated individuals, predominantly from Tier-1 institutions. Each member, a tech enthusiast at core, shares a mutual passion for problem-solving and innovation. With a deep understanding of their respective roles, we collaboratively drive towards excellence.

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